Day 14: We’re getting there

The contractors are making progress, but it looks like they’ll be with me another week or so. Plus I’m told the carpet could take up to three weeks to order and install. So right now I’m breathing deeply and trying not to get too fed up with my bed-dining room (bedining room?) situation. There is light at the end of this tunnel. And it will shine down on adorable built-in bookshelves.

I have decided to behave more like a real blogger and, you know, actually arrange my images in a way that fills my blog layout. And doesn’t funk up my RSS feed. Also, I’m going to (try to) color correct them. This will not save the fact that half of my pictures are taken with my phone in the dark, so I don’t know exactly why I’m bothering except that I feel peer-pressured by other home design blogs.

Let’s get on with it.

Things are looking pretty solid in the bedroom! The first three pictures were taken tonight, but the final one was taken during daylight hours yesterday. With the green awnings down, the room is so much brighter.

And I have a great view of Center City!

See it? Way off in the distance? Calling to me with its promise of coffee shops and cocktails and clothing stores that aren’t Forman Mills? “I’m merely a slow trolley ride and cumbersome transfer to the El away!” it says.


Things are also happening in the second bedroom, where you may remember I crowbarred out all of the closets, got exasperated and left the room for dead.

The guys are slowly patching things up. A little sanding, a little paint, a little trim, and we’ll have added another two feet to the size of the room. I can’t wait to hang art!

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