Day 11: A room is born


The bedroom is totally starting to come together now. Almost all of the drywall is up and I have some recessed lighting. I also picked out a ceiling fan (which was really difficult, given the very grandmotherly designs available at the big box stores), and that should be installed soon. Then we do spackling and priming and trim and doors.

The guys are actually coming in a little under budget, although that may change since I have a feeling they’ve put in some long hours this week. But I really hope to have a little money left over. Closets aren’t any good if you can’t afford the organization system that goes inside them. Also, the crew found some active knob and tube wiring running through my second story, which is bad (and expensive) news. This comes of the heels of Dad discovering a few weeks ago that none of my grounded outlets are actually grounded. We’re kicking the can down the road a bit on that repair.

But let’s end on an positive note. Like many old Philly rowhomes, my house had aluminum window awnings. Green ones. You ever heard the wind whipping through these things, especially if their wall anchors are loose?

I won’t have to hear it any more.