Day 15: Getting moody

I mentioned in the last post that I was going to be a better design blogger, and that means that I owe you a mood board. “Mood boards”, I can only assume, are things that design students learn to make while fine art students such as myself are applying infinite coats of gesso to an infinite number of canvases.

They look something like this:

And now I get to tell you what’s in it!

  1. Hunter “Westminter” brushed nickel ceiling fan – Lowes
  2. HOVET floor length mirror with aluminum edging – IKEA
  3. Fern painting on an old window – made by me
  4. MALM full bed in oak finish – IKEA
  5. Southwood berber carpet in Flagstone color – Mohawk
  6. TYRA BLAD full duvet – IKEA
  7. Satin finish black closet doors – DIY project?

Putting this together made me slightly more confident about my choice of carpet. The guys in the display room tried to talk me out of doing berber in a bedroom (it’s not soft! Think of your feet!), but I really do not want a plush carpet in some pinky beige color that will look filthy in a month. I want something low, modern, tough, and a little textured. In a warm mottled gray. For cheap. Keeping all of those condition in mind, this carpet was practically my only choice. I can only hope that I love it.

You and I both know that I will eventually give in to temptation and buy a big ol’ IKEA sheep skin to plop down by the bedside, anyway. Sorry about that.

The one daring choice here is the semi-gloss black closet doors. I’ve spotted them in a few other homes and I really like the umph they give to a room — as long as there’s enough natural light available to balance them, and I think in my case there just may be. But one of my doors will be twice as wide as the other and I can’t decide if that will make the color choice seem more idiosyncratic than dramatic. I’ll wait until they’re installed and photoshop it up.

Not pictured: my darker brown dresser, and the cream-colored nightstand that I trashpicked. Don’t ask me how they work into this color scheme. There may very well be some stripping and refinishing projects in my future.