Housiversary: Year Five

In late July of this year, I celebrated my 5-year anniversary in the house. I celebrated by not remembering it was our 5-year anniversary.

I have fallen down on my bloggerly duties, but in my defense, it’s been a remarkably busy year work-wise. I’ve been involved in a ton of freelance projects, I’m charging through the last class of my graduate certificate in graphic design, and um, I made this silly thing and it went viral.

Instead of working on the house, I’ve been living in it. And designing websites in it. And cooking in it. And trying to get as much sleep in it as possible. So I’m going to cheat this year and give you a collage of “living in it” photographs. Because let’s be honest, I’m two months late with this post already and I don’t even know where my real camera is right now (at my office…?), and I haven’t vacuumed in weeks. No one wants to see my dust bunnies.

Living room:


Still love this space. It’s my own personal museum, complete with cow rug, deer skull, drawings, art books, plants that welcome my neglect, a gecko named Ox, and hey look! I finally bought a bike! Not much has changed in here this year, aside from expanding and reorganizing the collection of wackiness.

Dining room:


The dining room did get a bit of attention, with the relocation of the bar to the floating hutch. Also I have a (not-pictured) rug! Worst blogger ever.



This is where I show you a bunch of examples of me eating healthy. The fried eggs drenched it in soy sauce at 2:00am are never instragramed.




Purple closets: not pictured, but still here.

Craft room:


BEAR SKULL. Also, I’m glad I went with this cheap framing solution for the blueprint. It looks so much more intentional hanging here now.



This is where the Dating Ipsum happens.


No one instagrams their bathroom. Not much new in here… I painted this cabinet. So there’s that.

Front porch / back yard:


Hey remember my ambitious plan to clean up the back yard? Didn’t happen! Shocking! Perhaps early next spring. I’d at least love to get the old fencing replaced by planting time.

So that’s it. Thanks, house, for being the safe space where I get to relax and embrace the quirkiness within. The last five years have been a bit of a tricky time in my life, but you’ve provided some much-needed stability and I’m grateful to be able to call you my home. And compared to where we were in 2008, really, I’d say neither of us is shaping up badly at all.