Welcome to the new PRR!

So I spent my entire winter vacation coding websites. 3 of them! And that includes the new home of Port Richmond Row. I don’t feel like I’m quite satisfied with the way this blog looks yet — at some point I’ll get around to styling every little button and text input box just right — but at the moment I can’t bring myself to look at any more style sheets. And the idea of going back and categorizing my old content right now makes me shiver. Nah. Let’s just get up and running, shall we?

It’s been an unusually busy holiday season over here. I have a few little house updates to share, but my brain is running on low battery. The best I can do is provide this weird holiday-and-rodent-themed Instagram photo montage:


I do not know where my friends managed to find this variety of squirrel ornaments. And they’re eating things. You guys are the best.

Anyway, here’s to a full year of, uh, blog content that is more legitimate than this post. Happy 2013, everyone. I hope it treats you all well.