Housiverary: Year Three, Floor Two

I neglected to post a tour of the second story in last year’s anniversary recap.  I kept meaning to, but I guess the thought of spending any more time documenting that bedroom was too depressing.  No longer!  The booby-trapped blue ceiling has been vanquished.

But before we get there, let’s start out in the hallway.

The baseboards aren’t finished, of course, but I’ve at least purchased them!  And put them in a pile.  A pile that has been there since February.

I hate cutting baseboards.

(When I’m ready to Get Over It Already, the plan is to keep that tall board on the right, but to clean it up a bit by adding trim around the top edge.  Then I’ll do regular baseboards on the left side.)

I did manage to reorganized this little linen closet, though!

It might not be much to look at, but having designated spaces for cleaning supplies and light bulbs makes me happy.  I’m a big fan of designated spaces.

Ignore the terrible Home Depot bargain bin light fixture to the right.  Its days are numbered.  Do I recognize a crazy DIY chandelier opportunity?


Moving on to the bathroom:

The bathroom is kinda meh.  The finishes on the metal fixtures don’t match at all, I only painted half of the room, and I am intentionally hiding from you the acrylic bath fitter.  Which isn’t awful to look at, really; it’s more that listening to water hit a series of hollow plastic soap shelves is the opposite of relaxing.

Someday (maybe this year or next?) I’d like to refinish the tub and tile the shower.  I’ll most likely attempt the tiling myself.  Drama will ensue.


Checking in on the middle bedroom:

I like it much better without its terrible closets.  But this room, like the dining room, still feels like it needs some tweaking.  When I walk in here (and I find that I hang out in this room often), I tend to sit right down on the floor.  So that might be an indication that we have a furniture problem.

I think it’s that the wire legs of the butterfly chair make me nervous about scratching the laminate.  Everything makes me nervous about scratching the laminate, though, because everything does scratch it.  Rugs.  I need rugs.


We’re going to skip the office this year as it is currently a big pile of boxes left over from emptying my bedroom.  Whoops.


But let’s end this post on a high note!  Here’s that bedroom with the fun purple closets again:

Slightly less pretty now that we have the air conditioner to deal with, but hey.

Still love the purple doors.  Love having the new bookcase/vanity.

The fan was also such a crucial improvement.  It was my contractor’s idea, but I use it all the time.

I’m still waiting for an inspired idea for dealing with this empty wall.  I’m thinking maybe a collage of old botanical illustrations, but I don’t want it to compete with the ferns over the headboard.  Might be to matchy-matchy.

Hmm.  Glow in the dark stars?  Kidding!


So there you have it!  A full house tour, minus one bedroom.  In summary it was a productive year, but I still have lots of project ideas brewing and I’m not sure which I’ll end up tackling next.  Hopefully you’ll hang around and see?

3 thoughts on “Housiverary: Year Three, Floor Two”

  1. Looking good! Sam and I are finally in the tweaking, sanding, painting, cleaning stage of his house reclamation…and I have a question. He has one of those metal butterfly chairs too, but a horridly old, torn, stained cover for it. Where does one find replacement covers for those chairs?

    1. Hey! I’ve seen other bloggers recommend circa50 (http://www.circa50.com/butterflychairs.html), which doesn’t have a ton of color options but does have some leather and hide covers that I think are nice (if you’re into that). There are different chair sizes, though, so be sure to measure. My base actually folds up and I suspect it may be a weird size but someday I’d like to replace my sling, too.

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