Window Grate

About a month ago, I was sweeping leaves on my front sidewalk when I noticed that the iron grate that covered my basement window was… missing.  Gone.  I had a momentary freakout in which I was convinced that an armed bandit had broken in and was hiding in my basement.  Stealing my socks, or something.  But no, the window itself was still intact and locked.

My neighbors offered the most likely explanation:  someone had stolen it to sell for scrap.

I’m reading that iron scrap is selling for about 17 cent a pound right now.  So I’m guessing that it was worth about $5.  And of course, it cost me an extra $220 in labor to replace.

Jerkoff.  Well, this new sucker is bolted straight through the wall of the house, so good luck getting another five bucks outta me.  And forget about my socks.