In the last six months or so I’ve been putting together a little collection of artwork for my house. I blogged about a few of the prints before, but the collection has grown again and I just got around to hanging all of the pieces this weekend. On actual walls!

I’ll be working on a lot of house projects this month since I’m hosting my first-ever party on New Year’s Eve. And you’re coming, right? And you won’t care if I don’t own rugs, or serving platters, or holiday garland. Right?

Back to the art. I thought about putting a salon-style collection of prints with gold frames right above my couch. I even had them arranged on the floor in the exact pattern I wanted. But when I placed the first piece on the wall, it looked so good on its own that I scrapped my plans and left it alone.

In decorating as in art, editing is key. Print by Kate VanVliet. It’s an image made from soaked tea bags!

The rest of the prints were rearranged and moved to another wall:

Prints (clockwise) by Melanie Linder, Margaux McAllister, Amy Walsh, and Tory Franklin. Sculpture by me.

Margaux’s piece is actually on a notecard that someone named Laura gave me to me, telling me to have a great semester sometime in 2005. I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t remember who Laura was. If she’s you, thank you very much for the card and I love the image.

The gold frames all came to me through thrift stores — I know they’re kinda kitschy, but I like the way they look in groupings.

And we can’t leave out Nicole Cook, whose woodcut is now in the bathroom due to a lack of gold frameage:

I know it’s really hard to see the details in this piece unless you’re right up close to it, but trust me, it brings the awesomeness. See for yourself by coming to my New Year’s party! RSVP on Facebook, or send me an email if we’re not Facebook pals.