Keeping busy

I want this floor tile. Now.

The house is currently providing a little distraction from a couple of sad events in my life. I’m also fairly sure that I’m not going to make much more progress on this living room of mine without buying a miter saw. Actually, I couldn’t fall asleep last night because I was too busy thinking about all the stuff I could do with a miter saw. Baseboards! Door trim! Planter boxes! I could extend the built-in bookcase in my living room and make it a floor-to-ceiling piece!

I like miter saws. Unlike their more mobile circular cousins, you always know where the blade is going to end up if something should go wrong. Should I go all fancy and get a sliding compound model?

Anyway, enough power tool dorkitude. The one-year anniversary of my closing date is on Saturday (so soon?!), so I’m working on some images to show my progress to date. I have about a hundred half-finished projects that are not photo-worthy, though. Maybe I’ll make it a yearly report.