I’m feeling motivated to start making artwork again. Look, I even changed the name of the blog!

One thing that’s helping is that I’ve been spending more time checking out other people’s work (and blogs!), and collecting a couple of pieces to hang up around the house. I’m feeling drawn to cheerful prints with a folksy feel — something far away from the “my work is cutting edge and super-serious” vibe of art school. I think these prints are helping to shift my sour attitude.

From top left, clockwise: Melanie Linder, Amy Walsh, and Tory Franklin. Check out their Etsy stores for many more fun pieces.

What I’d really like, though, is some work from my friends to expand the collection. Do you have a print, drawing or painting you can part with? Or a small sculpture? Drop me a line. I can provide a little drinking money in exchange. ;)

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  1. Do you remember that little tonal blue woodcut that I did senior year?I have a few of those left and I would be happy to donate one free of charge…it's not framed though :(

  2. I was thinking of exactly that print! Awesome. And don't worry — all my frames are thrift store finds. I've just been buying every $1 frame I come across in case they fit something later on.

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