Working on the house through a four-day weekend. It’s only day two and I’m already wiped out. Keeping me going is a new collection of photographs I’ve been pulling from design blogs to use as inspiration (mostly from

I’m really liking this house, and I think it’s a realistic look for me because the designer was working with similar restrictions: crappy wood floors and a very narrow living room. As much as I’m hearing “don’t paint your floors!” when I look at this, I think it could work. And save me a hell of a lot of money. Plus the gray would match the slate color of the floors in my kitchen and dining room, giving the first level of the house some continuity.

I’m probably not bold enough to go with the wall-sized mural. On the other hand, how much would I love this bathroom?

My current bathroom inspiration, however, is this one:

I’ve got the same wall boards and trim, but I never would have thought to match them to the ceiling. I just started working on this room a few months ago and I’m already thinking of repainting.

Ugh, so much to do!