I should update, but I’m not in the best of moods. This past week has been crazy; arguments, settlement, moving boxes, money flying out of all of my accounts, emails whipping back and forth… I’m happy to be in the new house, but I’m also unsettled by the feeling that everything has changed.

And I don’t just mean the colors of the walls (’cause theoretically, that can be fixed!). But my old habits, my old friends, our old hangouts… I just can’t see any of that following me up here. It’s like I’ve left the nest, so to speak. Like one of those crazy Mandarin ducklings on Planet Earth, jumping from their home in an enormous tree before they’ve learned to fly.

You know what? Watching that clip would probably make me feel better. At least they manage a soft landing. Here it is:


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  1. You can just hear the Momma Duck. “No — children — no — NO!! Oh, Number Three, don’t follow your idiot siblings. OH FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. All of you? Really?? Remind me again why I had children.”

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