House Hunt: Day 31

Offer accepted. Unbelievably enough.

So… all of this happened much faster than I expected. I started pouring over the real estate listings on June 1st, and here we* are exactly one month later, with the house selected, the paperwork signed, the mortgage approved, and the settlement date, well, settled.

On Thursday, we get the place inspected. In August, we barbecue? :D

*I must have answered this question a bazillion times, but one more won’t hurt: when I say “we”, I mean “me and my buyer’s agent” or “me and my mom and dad” (or in the last case, “me and everyone I know who might like grilled zucchini”). Not to be confused with the kind of “we” that might indicate that I’ve gone and gotten hitched, or anything of the sort.

One thought on “House Hunt: Day 31”

  1. I have never heard of buying real estate moving that fast. For us* it was an exercise in patience, and waiting, and waiting. Cool that it didn’t take a painfully long time!*and by “us” I mean Dave and I. And we like grilled zucchini. :)-Melanie

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