Sticky situation

Urban Outfitters = $32

That’s right. A fake stick is worth $32. Gee, if only I could find a real stick. I could make my own! If only there were real sticks just lying about on the ground!

Money really does grow on trees, I guess. I’ve got an extra $32 in my pocket thanks to a stick I spotted in the bushes by CVS.

(For those of you who know me, yes — that is every single piece of jewelry I own.)

Conventional wisdom states that decorating the place where you sleep should involve picking soothing colors. There was nothing conventional about this house’s previous owners, though, and that’s how I ended up with a radioactive yellow bedroom. On top of this yellow, I got a weathered old window hung as if it were a framed painting — to showcase the brilliant color choice? — and a shelf made specifically to match it.

Well I’m still dealing with the yellow, but today the window got a facelift.

Ferns to match what (someday!) will be a pale gray-green color scheme. I was actually inspired by the duvet cover; those stripes are made of tiny little fronds.

Until I have time to finish the bedroom, though, I will continue to feel as if I’m sleeping on the surface of the sun. Hand me a pair of tanning goggles and remind me to turn over every half hour, will ya?