Summer migration

Just a quick note before I go — Jack and I are off to Montreal for a long weekend! If you left me a birthday message and I didn’t get back to you, sorry! I do try to do that. I’ll hopefully have internet access at some point, so check back for pictures from up north.

It was a week of firsts. First wedding. First time I was almost late for a wedding. First time I had to stop in the middle of a road to let a tortoise cross, increasing the risk of being late for said wedding. First time witnessing a wedding guest down a whole glass of champagne in one gulp, and then try to sneak behind the bar in order to mix a stronger drink for himself.

First house visited with a realtor. First proof that a house being listed for $50k more than its purchase price last year does not mean that anywhere near $50k worth of renovations were carried out in that time.

First hint that it might be insane for me to consider purchasing a home without air conditioning. Ugh.

Also, Jack took me to the Adventure Aquarium for my birthday, and I took some very blurry photographs. Why won’t those fish sit still?!