I’ve been back to the studio this week. The very un-air-conditioned, very sweaty studio. But I’m dedicated! I’m going to get back on this horse! And I’m going to ride it until I find somewhere with air conditioning. No? Moving on.

Needing to start off slowly, I thought maybe I’d change directions and do a couple of wall pieces. I’m trying not to labor over these, as I think it’s important for me at this stage to focus just on trying some new things and getting immediate results.

I’m hoping to do a series of these pieces with a loose marine theme. This first one is fish-like, although as with all of my work its form shares elements with other organic structures.

After I cast the panel in plaster, I’ll draw back into the piece to give it some added depth and play up some of the textures.

Work on the house continues. In this month’s installment, the upstairs hallway!



The carpet still needs to be yanked, but that’s a project for another day.

Finally, the last green-blue wall has been covered.

I also got to incorporate my first pieces of actual art into this home renovation project. These are drawings I made for a show at Lincoln Financial Field a year or two ago.

Conventional wisdom states that decorating the place where you sleep should involve picking soothing colors. There was nothing conventional about this house’s previous owners, though, and that’s how I ended up with a radioactive yellow bedroom. On top of this yellow, I got a weathered old window hung as if it were a framed painting — to showcase the brilliant color choice? — and a shelf made specifically to match it.

Well I’m still dealing with the yellow, but today the window got a facelift.

Ferns to match what (someday!) will be a pale gray-green color scheme. I was actually inspired by the duvet cover; those stripes are made of tiny little fronds.

Until I have time to finish the bedroom, though, I will continue to feel as if I’m sleeping on the surface of the sun. Hand me a pair of tanning goggles and remind me to turn over every half hour, will ya?

A tree grows in Port Richmond

Well, my tweet didn’t get any feedback, but I forged ahead with my idea, anyway. Here it is!

This was an unpainted wooden broom closet built by the guy who owned my house before me. I think he meant it to match the kitchen cabinets (the door with the trim down the middle is the same style), but the wood was a different color and it bugged me. So I tried to pretty it up a bit with a two-toned painting of an aspen tree, and I think I like the results! In fact, I might paint my whole house like this. Art hasn’t been this fun since… uh, I went to art school and started to hate it.